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Teen Sexting = Child Porn Charges??

Technology has always advanced because of two societal linchpins – religion and sex. These new technologies have also pused the boundaries and even redefined the boundaries of ethics. You might remember my last about sexting asking about how it should be viewed.

Well, law enforcement also has some ideas about how it should be viewed. Check out this story about teens who sexted some boys at school being charged with child pornography!

What do you think? Did they go to far? Is this a literal definition of the law?


Sexting the same as sex?

Fact: technology increases every two years. So what was new and cutting edge in 2006, is old and obsolete in 2008.  For example this is now “old” and this is “new”.  This also means that the info tech students get in their freshman year of college is obsolete by their junior year. Wild huh?

The church really has TWO disctint realities to deal with here. The 1st one is how do we leverage technology for the benefit of the gospel? The other one is how do we teach people how to avoid sinning via the technology?

Since most phones come with cameras and the average age of people getting their first phone is hovering around the age of 12, we’ve seen the rise of a new sexual phenomenon – sexting.

What is sexting? Its simply sexual text messages. Its not a new thing, but sexting is taking a new high with kids sending pictures and videos of themselves naked. CNN covered a story about it here.  And Beyonce’s new song “Video Phone” definitely has brought the issue to mainstream pop-culture.

Years ago, the argument began (and continues) about oral sex being considered sex. But what about sexting? Is it the same thing as sex? Is it sin? Is it no big deal? What do you think?