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Banned Super Bowl Ad – Obama and Pro-Life

NBC banned this ad from the SuperBowl. I would have rather seen this than that garbage GoDaddy ad ANYDAY of the week. Especially on SuperBowl Sunday.

Here it is. What do you think?


Let’s Discuss it – Abortion

Okay folks, let’s discuss it! Every 4 years it becomes a HOT topic of conversation around America so I’ve decided to open a place to discuss it right here.


What do you think? Is there EVER a time when abortion is okay? I’ll give a few REAL examples of people I know and you tell me what YOU believe their response should have been. Again these aren’t hypothetical situations. These are REAL cases from people I PERSONALLY know. The names have been removed.

Case #1. I young lady I know was raped. Not date raped. Not “I said yes then changed my mind” but raped by someone she knew. The end result – pregnancy. Should she have carried through with the pregnancy and have a living reminder of that horrible event and deal with the psychological effects of having to live with that man’s seed inside her for 9 months carry through with the excrutiating pain of giving birth? Or should she have an abortion?

Case #2. A young woman with a history of troubling health issues sleeps with an old boyfriend at the party and gets pregnant. Due to her health issues, the doctor tells her she won’t survive the pregnancy. Later test show that if she carries through the pregnancy, neither her OR the baby will survive birth. Should she continue with the pregnancy and hope the doctors are wrong? Should she continue with the pregnancy and accept the responsibility of her actions that will cost her her life as well as the life of the unborn? Or should she abort the pregnancy?

Case #3. A married couple had been trying for YEARS to get pregnant with no results. Finally after years of vitamins, trips to the doctor and cold underwear – they get pregnant. One problem – the baby’s brain isn’t properly developed. In fact, tests show that the left and right hemispheres will never connect because of a pocket of water in between the two. The child will have a lifetime of surgeries, pain, under development, may never walk, and will never come close to a normal life and the prospect of a long life is nill. Doctors say MAYBE the child will make it to 20 and those 20 years will be miserable. The parents will struggle and statistics show the marriage will likely end in divorce. Should they terminate the pregnancy or take their chances at healing?

Tell me your thoughts.

Are we missing something?

Okay, I try to keep my blog as free from politics as I can. People have said to me that I should be involved in local politics. I’ve told them that I can’t be in politics because I care about people too much. But as we draw closer to November 4th – the day we vote for our next President here in the States – and as the DNC is here and the RNC is fastly approaching, the “issues” keep coming to mind.

Now, I have not 100% supported a candidate yet, and PUBLICALLY I won’t. If you want to know who I THINK I’m voting for, call me or email me. I won’t discuss it publically or on my blog. What I AM NOT is a blind party voter. I’m actually a proud registered independant.

But as the “issues” get thrown around, my question to my Christian brothers and sisters is this: Are we missing something? We argue vehemently about abortion and gay marriage. I agree, abortion in most cases is wrong. (Let’s save that discussion for another thread, okay?) But are there OTHER issues that we should be on the front lines of fighting for and we aren’t? Are there other HIGHLY MORAL issues that require the Church to be front and center on that we are leaving in the shadows of our fight for abortion? Is there something that the Church SHOULD be the champion on and instead we’ve chosen to be an innocent bystander?

Or, is abortion the only giant we need to slay? Would we reclaim or “Christian Nation” status after we rid America of abortion or are there other evils we need to be in the forefront of fighting?

What do you think? Is abortion it, or is there something else?