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Its okay to not like it…really

As both an artist and listener I’ve noticed something fairly peculiar about Christians and their critiques of another artists music. I don’t really see it among so-called “secular” audiences or any other music subset. What is “it” that is so different? Its this :

People feel like they can’t just NOT LIKE the music.

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The “Healer” story is a LIE! NOOOOO!!!!

I’m NOT trying to be “that guy” but I have personally never been settled with the story of the international Christian hit song “The Healer.” I tried watching the story and video on line and I never can get through it. I always asked myself – “What if this is a fake? What if this guy is lying?”

Well, come to find out -HE IS LYING!

Check out this article.

I know this song has been an inspiration to Christians the world over. What does this story do for you? Does it invalidate the inspiration? Does it anger you?

Personally, I’m PISSED! God doesn’t need your lie to further his purpose. He’s good all by Himself and has healed MILLIONS of people LEGITIMATELY to not need this foolishness.

Sound off…what do you think?

***btw, I tried to find the song on Youtube and Hillsong pulled it for “copyright” reasons. Yeah, more like false statements

Wild Goose Chase AND My new CD – FOR FREE! Want it?

I FINALLY got my copy of Mark Batterson’s new book, “Wild Goose Chase.” So far, its AWESOME!

Here’s the bonus, they gave me one to GIVE AWAY! That’s right, I’m giving one away – for free! Everyone who posts a comment on this post will be entered into a drawing – the winner wins a FREE copy of the book AND a copy of my new music release “Life Support Vol1.”

I Just Wanna Go Home

Ohio based emcee Theory Hazit knocks it out the park with this new video called “I just wanna Go Home.”

DOPE video, incredible story of redemption. Check it out

Want to buy my new music? Here’s how!

Okay, here it is – the announcement you’ve all been waiting for! Here is how YOU can get a copy of my new “CD” – Life Support Vol 1.

I put CD in quotes because its not really a CD. I didn’t press any actual CD’s for 2 main reasons:

1. They cost too much to press and ship

2. All you’re going to do is rip the music from the CD and put it on your computer to either put on another CD with other music or put in your ipod/Zune/mp3 player. So why put you through all of that when you can just buy the music digitally?

So, I’ve gone digital! Without further ado – here’s 2 ways to buy my new music.

1. Buy it from me directly. Come to live event or just call me, email me or message me on this blog and I will send you a card with the artwork and a digital redemption code usable exclusively at There you can download the music and enjoy!

2. You can go here and purchase it directly from the site. Click the “albums” tab, click “buy the album” and you’ll be on your way. You’ll have to create an account on the site, but I’ll be giving away some music in the future and the only way you’ll be able to get it is if you have an account. So creating the account is worth it.

The first 250 copies are dedicated to the new launch of our youth ministry so the artwork is a limited edition run wit “The City” logo on the front. Also, $1 from every purchase of this limited edition run is going to help Benny Perez’s safe house for former prostitutes in Las Vegas. So far, just from the sales at the Generation Conference – we’ve raised $75. We’ve got 175 cards/digital sales to go to reach our goal of $250.

So, get the music and let it minister to you, your church AND help some women get off the streets of Las Vegas and into a life filled with the love and hope of Christ.

BUY IT NOW! Thanks for your support.

If you like hip-hop, you need to get this NOW!

I need to make you all aware of an incredible hip-hop compilation that is available. No, not my CD – but info on that coming later today!

A crew from Boston called Antioch Alumni has been gathering emcees from around the world for a project called Cram Session. Here is the vision: 20 different emcees and producers, representing the East Coast, midwest and even the UK, come to a studio for 3 days in one basement just outside of Boston to kick out a Christian hip-hop album for the masses. That’s right – we kick out an album in ONE WEEKEND!

They just released volume 3 of the project and I must say the album is the best one yet! If you aren’t familiar with the series, this is a GREAT introduction to the Cram Sessions series.

I’m on a song called “Sunrise” with the famed Sev Statik and Gideon from Antioch Alumni. Its got SCORES of incredible emcees so go buy it NOW it and available on iTunes soon.

3HMP3 is actually featuring “Sunrise” on its homepage (Its the 6th song on the playlist) Check it out and buy it NOW!

Stop apologizing!

Doing hip-hop music is a real blessing. Especially for me because I’ve seen my music be widely embraced people who don’t normally listen to hip-hop. When I look at the people who have been purchasing my music, some of the people are 52 year old WOMEN!

Its  encouraging to see hardcore rockers and emo lovers tell me “you music really touched me” or “that song ministered to me.” Whether I’m in the hood, the burbs or the sticks – I’ve seen the music music ministry cross generational, denominational and color lines that some of my contemporaries haven’t been able to cross.

With that said, I feel the need to speak to my more rock influenced listeners and the people who oversee the venues where the rock listeners congregate (i.e. suburban youth pastors). Please, STOP APOLOGIZING! Yes, I know most of the crowd is white and yes I know they may be slightly rhythmically challenged and they don’t know what to do when the music comes on. THAT’S OKAY! They usually catch on…usually. And if they don’t…its still okay. Maybe they can’t move to “Masses” but they can sit and be ministered to by “After The Pain.”

Besides, TRUST ME, when I go the hood and do music – they don’t know what to do either! Most people in the hood are used to dancing in an a way that isn’t necessarily appropriate when we’re doing music that glorifies God. The way you dance to Lil Wayne or Kanye is NOT the same way you move in church.

And if I do a set NOT in a church?! Forget it. People are too confused to even dance. “Did he just say Jesus?”

So please, if you or your people don’t have enough rhythm to look “cool” while listening to and enjoying the music – its okay. Be off beat. I’m convinced people are just so excited they are dancing to the rhythm of the song that’s coming up. So they aren’t off beat, they’re just one song ahead of everyone else. 🙂

Lastly, let me tell you a secret about me…I’m the last of 17 black men with no rhythm! Ask my wife. When we try to dance in our living room – I’m off. When I’m using my hands on stage, its not because I’m trying to look cool – I’m trying to keep the rhythm! LOL!

So please, stop apologizing. They are in GREAT company when they aren’t on beat.