Hey blogosphere, I’m Steve Patton. A born and bred Detroit native now living and doing youth ministry in Newport, RI. Outside of pioneering and leading a FANTASTIC youth ministry here in Newport, I also get the opportunity to touch lives with gospel via HIP-HOP. When I’m doing my music I go by the name “The Czar” – but my grandma still calls me Steve.  Who said you can’t be a preacher and a rap star? Okay, I’m not a star – but I do shine for Christ’s glory!

This is the place to discuss culture( meaning fashion, art, music and entertainment), leadership, books and spiritual things. So join me in this blogworld as I try to make a revolution with a book and a dime.



  1. Hey Steve!

    Great to see you at the conference.

    Gods best to you….hope you can join us Oct 13th at our leadership conf at NC with Ed Young

    Keep crankin RI!

  2. Al Said:

    Hey Steve,

    I saw your comment on Marty Holman’s Blog. He is an awesome guy. Sounds like you are really ripping it for Christ. I’m really excited for you, and can’t wait to see how God uses your talents here in New England.

    I’m actually the Worship Leader @ Fellowship Church, and it would be sweet if we could connect sometime. maybe rhow some ideas out and all. Let me know.


  3. pastormarty Said:

    Hey Steve! Thanks for contacting me! Would love to get together sometime and talk ministry! Looking forward to reading more of your blog too!

  4. I like the new page man…I have been thinking of switching to word press too. How did you get all of your older post transfered over?

  5. chosenrebel Said:

    You have a fellow in arms (Rappin) in my friend Matt Gaskins, aka Crakajak. Look him up on Facebook and keep shinning for Jesus.

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