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On the 2nd day of Christmas…

Continuing on my list of people given as gifts to me. On the 2nd day of Christmas the person given to me:

Gideon (Jean Alexandre) from Antioch Alumni

Gideon is a really down to Earth guy with a passion for hip-hop and ministry. I originally me Gideon at this guy Lamar Callahan’s release party. I had the chance to meet and share the stage with Bobby Bishop, Antioch Alumni, Sev Static as well as a few others. Gideon was the only other person on the spot that lived in Rhode Island. So we exchanged info and went our way. Then, about 9 months later I found his contact info. I decided to give a call and then we just started kicking it from there.

He shared his heart of how he really saw what he does in music as a ministry and wanted to be a help to anyone who needed it in music. So out of his own pocket he bought the equipment necessary to run a decent recording studio out of his home and wanted to allow artists to record for free.

So, Gideon allows me (when our schedules don’t conflict) to record my music for free and he is a blessing to record with. Though we have some varying tastes in music, we work well together and he doesn’t let me record anything lazy. He even corrects me and helps me get the sound right. We’ve got some great stuff recorded together so far and I’m hoping for a lot more.

So my second day of Christmas gift is Gideon. God bless you. You are a real gift to me.

See you Monday for the 3rd day of Christmas – you never know, you might find yourself on here.

Feliz Navidad


My 12 days of Christmas

Well, its the Consumer-mas…I mean Christmas season. I can see it now, Christmas actualy gets corporate sponsors. Imagine the commercials “Christmas 2009. Brought to you by Walmart – Microsoft – Macy’s – Apple – and the number 5.” Sounds far fetched but really, how far away are we from that?

Anyway, since I’ve never been one to get caught up in the holiday buying hype (and throw in the fact that this year I am flat broke :0( ) I thought that I would do my own 12 days of Christmas.

My 12 days of Christmas (the 12 weekdays left until 12/24) aren’t going to talk about the physical gifts I’ve received like the song says. Instead I’m going to talk about the 12 people who have been gifts to me over the last few years.

These are in no particular order of importance.

On the 1st day of Christmas the person given to me:
Sabrina from Rhema and Brooke Ross

I can comfortably say I would not be where I am right now if it wasn’t for her. Picture if you will: Tulsa, OK 2001. Because my roommate at the time decided he was ready to live on his own I had to buy a car, get car insurance and get an apartment a month before my money for registration was due for school. So the last day of registration came around and I wasn’t there. Sabrina, who also worked at the ssame place I did, asked my how come I wasn’t at registration. I told her because I didn’t have the money. She then said “what if you got it?” I said because of my expenses I couldn’t afford to make the monthly payments for school not to mention I wouldn’t be able to pay it back. Then she said “What if you didn’t have to pay it back” and Brooke chimed in and said “and what if I paid for half of your monthly tuition payments?” I said I’d praise God and be at registration tomorrow! She gave me the money the next day and Brooke paid for half of my tuition payments while he was still employed.

I wasn’t able to keep in touch with Sabrina, but because she was given as gift to me I was able to finish my final year at Rhema Bible Training Center one time, which allowed me to move to Rhode Island in 2002 immediately following my gradutation. So if you’re out there Sabrina aka Bree, I never forgot. Thank you and thank God for you. You’re truly a gift.

See you tomorrow for the 2nd day of Christmas. You never know, you might find your name on here. If not, you should also ask yourself “who are my gifts?”

Feliz navidad