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Let’s pray for each other

I really need your prayers for a few things coming up. Really. Not like typical church jargon “pray for me brother”. I mean I need your effectual, fervent prayers.

1. I’m facing a BIG decision to finally do something that I’ve been hoping to see the Church do for years. Its one thing to want to SEE revolution and its another to actually strap up and do it. I love the opportunity – it excites me and frightens me at the same time. I need prayer to hear God clearly on HOW to do it effectively.

2. I’m launching into writing worship-type music. SOOOOOOOOOO far outside of my comfort zone but not outside of my skill set. Pray that I write the songs that are in me.

3. Its time to PUSH the first album I did (have you bought it yet?) and record some NEW MUSIC I’ve been working on. Need prayer for the doors to open and for me to be able to take advantage of those opportunities.

4. For my mom-in-law’s full recovery. She’s home and rehabbing spectacularly. Talking, laughing and her mind is sharp. Pray for her FULL recovery and for her peace. Her current limitations are aggravating to her right now so pray for her peace and joy.

So those are the major things. How can I pray for you?


Mom comes home this Wednesday!!

Hey everyone,  dropping a quick update on you about my mom-in-law…(blow the trumpets)


Let His people rejoice. God is STILL in the miracle business!

Conservatives – You’ve been pimped and I have the proof!

So, I’ve thought for a while that the Republican party has been pimping Christians for their votes for a while now. “Vote for me, I believe like you. I believe the bible is God’s word like you…’ yadayadayada…

It always looked like I was being told whatever I wanted to hear to win my vote. Being a salesman, I know when I’m being sold something that’s not as advertised.

Well, President G. W. Bush was recently interviewed on ABC and revealed that he may not necessarily believe like you.

Here is David Brody, correspondent for Christian Broadcast Network’s take on it.

You might want to keep this kind of stuff in mind when we talk about “putting God’s man in office.” If this kind of stuff influenced your vote – unfortunately, you’ve been pimped.

Sexting the same as sex?

Fact: technology increases every two years. So what was new and cutting edge in 2006, is old and obsolete in 2008.  For example this is now “old” and this is “new”.  This also means that the info tech students get in their freshman year of college is obsolete by their junior year. Wild huh?

The church really has TWO disctint realities to deal with here. The 1st one is how do we leverage technology for the benefit of the gospel? The other one is how do we teach people how to avoid sinning via the technology?

Since most phones come with cameras and the average age of people getting their first phone is hovering around the age of 12, we’ve seen the rise of a new sexual phenomenon – sexting.

What is sexting? Its simply sexual text messages. Its not a new thing, but sexting is taking a new high with kids sending pictures and videos of themselves naked. CNN covered a story about it here.  And Beyonce’s new song “Video Phone” definitely has brought the issue to mainstream pop-culture.

Years ago, the argument began (and continues) about oral sex being considered sex. But what about sexting? Is it the same thing as sex? Is it sin? Is it no big deal? What do you think?


So, new segment called “Head-lines”. Its a segment where I just rattle off different stuff in my head.

Read and be confused.

– I’m really happy about celebrating my 4 year wedding anniversary with my lovely wife. Most bloggers say their wives are hot, but mine REALLY is.

– Thanksgiving was DEFINITELY different with mom being in the hospital this year.

– I’m actually NOT looking forward to Christmas this year. So just know that if I write a cynical post about the way we celebrate Christmas – you’ll know the heart of the matter.

– I’m REALLY digging Anthony Evan’s CD called “The Bridge”. FINALLY someone puts a slightly urban flair on worship music without making it sound like Pentacostal black church hymns or like Swizz Beats production. Good stuff!

– One of my youth leaders is blogging! Aaron Hampton is blogging about his experience being a victor of cancer and his current surgery. Check him out you will DEFINITELY be encoraged!

– I think I blog for the wrong reasons. Most people blog to express their voice, I write to find mine.

– I am slightly envious of full-time youth pastors. Being bi-vocational sucks sometimes…most times…95% of the time…maybe more. At the sametime, I’m grateful for my job. God has and will continue to provide.

– I’m a little closer to overcoming my lack of confidence and tapping into something I’ve been avoiding for a while. My wife has started to push me on this a little more too -and I never even mentioned it to her. What is it? Writing worship music.

Lots more but I’ll stop there.

Help me pick a book to read

Hey everyone,

I would love your help on something.  I have a FREE book that I can download from – a site that takes all the audio books known (and unknown) to all of mankind and makes them available for download. Its awesome for someone like me. Sometimes I DIG reading, sometime I need to HEAR it.

Anywho, I’ve got a freebie to use but I don’t know what book to get. I already have Tribes by Seth Godin. I’m thinking about Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell but I’m not sure.

Any suggestions?*


*please take note, I do NOT read fiction, romance or comedy. So please avoid the Dean Koontz books, anything Fabio would model for or anything written as bathroom laughter. Thanks in advance