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What’s RIGHT with…(part 1)

“Read my new blog, titled ‘what’s wrong with Christian Hip-Hop’…read my new blog ‘what’s wrong with the Church…read my new blog ‘what’s wrong with Christian leadership…” Good lord, the ship must be sinking. Call the National Guard and get us out of here because this ship is GOING DOWN! Somebody please call 911. Christian Hip-Hop is in a state of emergency! The Church is in a state of emergency! Leadership is in a state of emergency! SOMEONE HEEEEEEEELP!!!!

wait…what?…its really not that bad?

Who the heck are all of these Chicken Little’s screaming about what is WRONG with everything?!?! You want to know what’s wrong with all of these things? The bloggers running around like mini-Glenn Becks talking about what’s wrong with everything. “Yeah, but I also provide a solution to what I’m talking about too!” WHO CARES!?! So what happens, if we dont listen to your opinions, its all doomed? Allow me to use my free speech to respectfully ask you to refrain from using yours for a while.

Allow me to use my free speech to tell you about what is RIGHT with the local church.

You know what’s RIGHT about the local church? The countless numbers of people who you will NEVER hear of feeding the homeless and treating them like the image bearers of God they are. The kind of loving treatment that is the hallmark of the Body of Christ. The kind of love that sends a fame through out the collective, unknown members of the city that have no homes or phones but they have each other and brag about the love they received at that local church.

What’s right about the local church is the number of unknown people that dedicate their time, talent and treasure to seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ propelled through out their communities. What’s right about the local church is countless, nameless saints of God helping the single mom out with her daily needs because the child’s father REFUSES to pay child support and money she makes from her 3 jobs just barely covers her rent and utilities.

What’s RIGHT about the local church is the number of men who wrap their arms around the younger men to encourage them, pray for them and give them incredible, invaluable amounts of encouragement. The men who silently love their wives and children in a God honoring way so that their sons and daughters see a healthy definition of a man.

What’s right about the church is the number of untold miracles that didn’t come with a fake shake and a fall to the ground. The miracles that didn’t come with a book table and an annointed rag to purchase. But the miracles that were done in tearful prayer after the service when no one was there. The miracles done in another believer’s living room as they held an informal prayer gathering.

The countless stories of needs being met, pained people comforted by the God inspired love of their brothers and sisters in Christ, the untold salvations happening in public school cafeterias, the people dedicating their time to see illiterate youth learning to read, the people breaking free from addictions,  the people going from worship of self to the worship of the one true God, the people selling things on eBay to give to families ravaged by storms and for tents in Haiti, the people running marathons to raise awareness and funds for issues like sex slave trafficking, the people fighting to erradicate poverty– THAT’S WHAT’S RIGHT WITH THE CHURCH!

And if you don’t see it, then maybe you need a new church or maybe you need to spark a change in your own.

So share with the rest of us, what do you think is RIGHT with the church?


Have we lowered the bar?

As a ministry leader, Acts 6 messes me up. In Acts 6, the Greek speaking believers felt they were being discriminated against in the distrubution of food by the Hebrew believers. The Apostles said it wouldnt be right if they left the prayer and preaching the Word to serve tables. (Lots of lessons there but I’ll skip those in this post)

The solution? The Apostles told all the other disciples to pick 7 men full of good reputation, full of the Spirt and wisdom (Acts 6:3) to buss tables. Did you get that?!?! The criteria to BUSS TABLES: 1. Good Reputation 2. Full of the Spirit 3. Full of wisdom

Let’s be honest, we don’t have this kind of criteria in our churches to serve tables. Most churches BARELY have this much criteria to be ministry leaders and directors. I know youth pastors, small group leaders, worship leaders, children’s ministry directors, media directors and more that don’t meet these three benchmarks. Be honest, how many people in your church serve tables at the church pot luck or at the soup kitchen that don’t even believe in God let alone are FULL of the Spirit?

This brings me to the question: have we set the bar too low? To we allow too much to slide by under the guise of grace? To we allow lesser quality people to lead because they have a gift? Do we too often quickly fill a need with able bodies that have unable hearts? There are pastors of churches that would NOT be serving tables at the church pot luck in Acts 6. Think of the pastors with bad reputations that continue to lead churches or start new ones after they were kicked out of their last church for banging his assistant.

My question is this: have we lowered the bar in the name of “grace?”

What do you think?

Album title announcement

Hey everyone.

Dropping a spot on the blog to let you know that after much thought and preparation, I have OFFICIALLY come up with the title of my next album and teaser projects.

The teaser project I’m working on will be a FREE project that will  be a lead up to the album. The official title for the teaser is “Bait & Switch.”

The official album which will release a couple months after Bait & Switch will be called “*The Fine Print.”

I’ll be doing some video blog posts as well as typed blog posts to explain the concept behind both the teaser and the album.

Also, to all of my pastor/youth pastor/party promoter/club manager peeps – I’m available for booking. If interested, email me @

Its okay to not like it…really

As both an artist and listener I’ve noticed something fairly peculiar about Christians and their critiques of another artists music. I don’t really see it among so-called “secular” audiences or any other music subset. What is “it” that is so different? Its this :

People feel like they can’t just NOT LIKE the music.

(continue reading and join in the conversation here)

The Czar (me) w/ Deluge Band

Check out this vid of me w/ Jonathan Stockstill & Deluge Band last year at The Awakening youth conference. This was all spontaneous, spur of the moment. It was a fun time. I join the fray at about the 1:50 mark. You HAVE to see my dude Marco Debarros take an EPIC fail at the end of the vid in front of about 1,000 people.